The Machine…

“Do you hear her? She’s out there; calling your name. She calls out to everyone eventually. She’ll reach out to you one way and then me another. That’s the beauty of her, the way she can be everything to everyone.
She’s been whispering to me for a while now; letting me know that everything is going to be alright – so comforting in the way she wraps me in her cold embrace; insulating me from the madness. There’s a sickness outside, you know – in your ‘real’ world – in the flesh.
But NOT here – not in the MACHINE. There’s safety here – and clarity – a truth you can’t find out there. She’s the key, you know – the key to it all. In the Machine lies the path to perfection…the end….for all of us…”

— Amber ‘The Pink Rose’ Redmond’s last words before being taken down by a Psycho Squad after ‘going metal’ on civilians.