Aphrodite Xotic734

Rogue Android / Former Pleasure Model


Changes depending on her clientele. She was created with the latest in Color and pigment shifting alloy and synth flesh technology. This allows her to modify everything about her physical appearance (outside of her anatomical build) to suit the desires of her ‘customers’.


Not much is known about 734; except that she’s a rogue Aphrodite Xotic pleasure model from Takagi Industries. She showed up on the streets of Trinity about 4 months ago and moves from sector to sector – practicing her ‘trade’ from the shadows. Takagi does have a bounty on the boards for her (which is unusual for a pleasure model), but so far Operators have decided to look the other way. (Rumor is she ‘woke up’ during an engagement with a high level Takagi exec and saw something…)

It won’t last long though. While local Operators do tend to look after their own – when you throw enough cred into the mix – loyalties and ethics shift very quickly.

Aphrodite Xotic734

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