Jesse 'Burn' Drake

Mercenary / Ronin / Arms Dealer


Jesse Drake is around 6’ in height with a muscular, yet lean frame. With short, dark brown hair and a closely trimmed beard, he almost looks like any other Joe on the street (if it weren’t for the two mil-spec, black-chrome cyber arms and right leg…)

Jesse favors function over fashion but will dress for whatever the occasion warrants. That said, his standard is a pair of cargo pants, t shirt and button up, along with an urban trench. Still a chain smoker from his days in Casablanca, he is rarely seen without a cigarette in either his lips or fingers. Jesse used to say he was going to kick the habit but nowadays he’s adopted the saying:

“Vices make us who we are…”


Not a lot is known about Jesse Drake. He’s from the Atlanta area originally, spent 10 years with NAC Intelligence and then fell off the grid. Well – until 7 years ago when he popped back up in Casablanca working Field Ops for Project Dawn. It was during this period that he formed a professional relationship with Condition Red. Of course, this was before Red went full borg and Jesse still had all his limbs…

Drake lost his arms and legs on the same assignment that cost Red most of his humanity – and like most operators who survive a cluster fuck like that – he doesn’t talk about it. Jesse now functions as a part time merc and full time arms dealer; leveraging his past military and black market connections in the Chicago and Trinity plexes and sub orbitals. He’d like to expand his reach further into Atlantica and the Solar Colonies, but there’s the Project Dawn connection.

And that connection never goes away…

Jesse 'Burn' Drake

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