Malachi 'The Hammer' Sloane

Mercenary / Bounty Hunter


Standing around 6’5 and weighing in at a solid 260lbs; The Hammer is about as tough as they come. Scars run the length of both forearms and his forehead looks as if it’s been used as a battering ram one too many times. Malachi keeps his white hair cut short and sports a beard to help hide some of the facial scarring sustained from an IED attack in Gaza and a bullet wound through his left cheek.

He favors combat boots and practical clothing over any kind of particular style and is generally seen in whatever color fatigues best suit his surroundings. The closest thing to dressing up for Malachi would be grey (or black) cargo pants, an off white button down and a flight jacket.


Malachi Sloane has fought in almost every hot spot you can imagine. Enlisting in the NAC military in the mid 50’s, Sloane graduated from grunt to Spec Ops – to Black Ops before cutting out after 12 years. Following that, he spent time working as a deniable asset for both NAC and Atlantica before jumping into the biz as an Operator in the early 70s. Since then he’s been working with no allegiance to any government or continent for that matter – always for hire to the highest bidder.

That’s not to say that Malachi is just a cold hearted merc with no moral center – well., maybe it is. Aside from his family in Trinity, to which he feels an obligation as the eldest member of the clan – Sloane really doesn’t seem to care for people at all. That’s one of the reasons they call him The Hammer – because once you’re in his sights, he will come down on you with no mercy and such brute force that there will be no mistaking his involvement. You don’t call The Hammer in when you need something done all quiet and subtle like – you call The Hammer when you want to make a statement – and a loud one at that.

Malachi 'The Hammer' Sloane

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