Sarah 'Slice' Sloane

Ronin / Enforcer


Sarah ‘Slice’ Sloan is another member of Trinity’s infamous Sloane family. Known as one of the top ‘shadow operatives’ in the plex, Slice’s skill with blades is rivalled only by her ability to ‘become one with the shadow’. Slice fancies herself as a modern day ninja (though not taking herself too seriously); focusing on stealth and subterfuge over big guns and loud explosions. It’s ironic, actually, as she grew up idolizing her uncle, ‘The Hammer’ who is known for his brutal and not so subtle approach. Rumor is that this was a direct result of ‘The Hammer’ realizing that his approach was not always the most efficient and if his niece was going to follow him into the shadows, she might as well take a different route. In many ways, Slice is the ‘Yin’ to ‘The Hammer’s ‘yang’. This has proven to be a deadly combination as they often work operations together.

Slice is the youngest of the 3 Sloane siblings and has managed to keep a solid relationship with her sister, Sin and brother, Gabriel. She operates out of Sinner’s Haven and is often in her sister’s ear, encouraging her to reach out to her brother and put to bed whatever issue remains between them. She attempts the same with Gabriel and so far she’s been unable to gain traction with either. It’s one of her driving goals to bring the family back together and she will quickly eliminate any new potential wedge between Sin and Gabriel.

Sarah 'Slice' Sloane

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