Sindy 'Sin' Sloane

Bar Owner / Hacker


Sindy ‘Sin’ Sloane is a semi- retired hacker and the owner of Sinner’s Haven’; a popular bar in the Warehouse District of the Trinity metroplex. After an op against Act of God went south, Sin took another role in the business, using the cred she’d made to open Sinner’s Haven as exactly what it sounds like… a haven for the ‘sinners’ of Trinity; where someone can come to not only get a cold drink, but also make or close a deal in relative safety and without fear of a double-cross. Sin is very protective of her clientele and her pledge of keeping them ‘safe and secure’.

Sin comes from a family of operatives in the area. Her younger sister Sarah, is one of the top Ronins in the plex, while her uncle Malachi, is an old school merc and bounty hunter who has a well -deserved reputation as one of the most brutal and no nonsense operatives on the East Coast. She also has an older brother, Gabriel who operates as a private dick in the plex. They haven’t spoken since the Act of God gig – and the only 2 that seem to know why (and what really went down) are Gabriel and Sin and neither are talking.

Sin also does the occasional op, but they’re few and far between and usually either involve getting her family out of trouble or a serious amount of cred. That said, she also has a soft spot for charity cases she deems legit; but legit in Sin’s eyes is a rare thing indeed.

Sindy 'Sin' Sloane

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