The Librarian


Constantly changing – as he(or she…or ‘it’) sees fit….


No one knows who the librarian really is; or if he’s actually a person at all. All they do know is that the ‘LIbrarian’ is the most powerful information broker on the East Coast and quite possibly the EC Sub orbitals as well.

Dealing in all matter of data and information, the Librarian comes to you; you do NOT find him. A substantial and labyrinthine network of operatives and systems assist him in his endeavors while also maintaining his anonymity. Though he is most often portrayed as an older man with spectacles, there have been instances when he has been a ‘she’; a supermodel or even at times a small child. No one knows for sure.

In fact, if you ‘could’ find him, a significant amount of cred could be gained. But why waste your time on the impossible?

The Librarian

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