Chicagoland (considered a ‘free city’) was a strategic target for both the GLU and NAC during the 2nd Civil War. The people of Chicago didn’t care for being in the middle of the war and decided to fight back themselves. With three interested parties waging war over the city, it was anyone’s guess who would win control. But then the unexpected happened; three dirty nukes were dropped on the city and its citizens were left to fend for themselves; clawing their way out of a new Dark Age. No one took responsibility for the attack and the city has been recovering ever since.

A couple of years later the city began a reconstruction that resulted in a massive wall being constructed. 121 miles long and 150 stories high, the wall enclosed the entire city. While many saw this as an isolationist move; the people of Chicago simply saw it as a way to keep both the GLU and NAC out.

It worked.

Now there are just over 30 million souls behind the wall and the free city has become a hotbed of corporate activity along with a healthy dose of not only corporate intrigue; but international as well. In short, Chicagoland is rife with ‘opportunity’ for the entrepreneur that likes to work in the shadows…


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