'Spider' Murphy



Spider is in his mid thirties, with shoulder length black hair and a beard that he generally keeps closely trimmed. Standing around 5’9 and maybe150lbs, Spider still walks with the swagger of a man who once commanded the stage.

He dresses in whatever the latest street chic style is, but one thing you will ALWAYS find Spider with is his Rockin Ruby Shades. A carryover of his days with ‘Web of Destiny’, Spider considers them his signature piece and wears them to this day.


Spider Murphy is one of the top Fixers in Trinity and definitely the most popular. Formerly the front man for ‘Web of Destiny’, one of the biggest Synth Metal bands on the underground music scene of Trinity, Spider found himself looking for a new gig after the death of his drummer and lead guitarist. Seems they had started banging twin sisters who wound up being the daughters of Nicholas ‘The Nail’ Holt; a ruthless mob enforcer and son to Raymond Holt, head of the Claudian Consortium (one of the top 2 mob organizations within Trinity). Spider was smart enough to drop the whole idea of ‘Web of Destiny’ and get out of the music scene altogether so as to not draw unwanted parallels between himself and his deceased band mates. It was at this point that Spider realized he had made a ton of friends and contacts throughout Trinity. He’d had drinks with or played gigs for everyone from everyday joes to drug pushers to Corporate CEOs trying to get in on the ‘scene’ while slumming. So, a fixer was born.

His business contacts run from CEOs to drifters to policemen to gangsters to a senator. Spider will arrange jobs from data steals to over-seas revolutions. He’ll sell anything, including drugs (but he’s not a pusher). He also has a small ‘companion service’ but he uses it more for customer relations and spying. His fees are fair – 20% of the pay, usually. Spider’s a businessman, first and foremost, but he’s also known as being one of the most trust -worthy operatives out there. His relationships are his lifeline, without them he’d be out of business, and so he takes those relationships seriously. If you need anything in Trinity…Spider’s your ‘go to’ guy.

'Spider' Murphy

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