Character Creation


Character Generation

- Built using the Interface Zero 2.0 rules, found on page 16 and following of the Interface Zero 2.0 guide;
- Novice, 0 PX at the start of the game;
- Campaign Power Level: Street Soldiers (see page 19 of the Interface Zero 2.0 guide);
- Starting Credits: 10,000;
- Starting Augments Budget: 10,000;
- Every Character starts with 2 contacts (make sure you choose 2);
- Note that Interface Zero have an extra fatigue level; the whole fatigue chart mirrors the wounds chart, basically.



You will find the rules for cyberware in two sections of the Interface Zero 2.0 guide:

- Page 62-68 gives you the augments themselves, what they do and what is available;
- Page 285-286 explains the Cyberware system itself, what is the cost of cyberware and what quality of cyberware is available and also what the Strain system is.

Skill Specializations

This option can be found on page 17 of the Interface Zero 2.0 guide and on page 95 of the Savage Worlds Core Rulebook (Deluxe).

Skills with specializations are:

  • Boating: Hovercraft, submersibles, boats
  • Driving: Ground, Golemmechs, jump bikes, Heavy
  • Fighting: Blades, Unarmed, Club/Improvised
  • Piloting: Atmospheric, Sub orbital, Interstellar
  • Psionics: Freek, Peek, Tweek;
  • Shooting: Automatics, Pistols, and Longarms

When you pick a skill that has specializatons, you must specialize. All other skills in the specialization group are at your specialization -2, unless you purchase skill equivalence for another sub-specialization for one point.

If the skill is not on the list, no specialization is required.

Everyone gets a d4 in Hacking, Fighting, and Shooting.

  • Swimming and Climbing are rolled into Athletics.


Character Creation

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