General Info


- Street Level Heroes is starting point with $10,000 for cash and $10,000 for cyberware

- Ammo is unlimited and untracked, except for explosives (grenades, rockets, etc).

Gritty Damage

Interface Zero makes use of the Gritty Damage setting rule outlined in the Savage Worlds core rules. They work like this:

Treat Extras’ wounds normally. Count Wild Cards wounds as usual and go through the normal steps for Incapacitation. Every time the hero suffers a wound, roll on the Injury Table and apply the results immediately (but roll only once per incident regardless of how many wounds are actually caused). A hero who takes 2 wounds from an attack, for example, still only suffers one roll on the Injury Table. Injuries sustained in this way are cured when the wound is healed. A Shaken character who becomes Shaken a second time receives a wound as normal, but doesn’t have to roll on the injury table.



General Info

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